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Time field handles 1- & 2-digit times differently


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I'm using version and I'm creating forms with time fields.

When I enter a single-digit number, like "3," in the pdf and hit Tab, the number is displayed as is: "3"

However, if I enter a 2-digit number, such as "11," and hit Tab, the number is displayed as "11:00 AM"

I've tried a range of display/edit/validation/bind settings (including removing all settings) to no avail. I'd really like all times to display as 3:00 or 11:00 with no AM/PM. At this point, though, I'd be happy if they would just behave consistently.

What gives?
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In the validation patterns you can control what the user can enter (the edit pattern) what the user sees (the display pattern), what is put into the data file (the data pattern) and what is validated (the Validate pattern). The pattern consists of hh:MM:SS A. If you use capital H then it will display the input as military time (i.e 3:00 PM will be 15:00). So a valid pattern will have hh:ss at a minimum.