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Time Calculations. PLEASE HELP


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Does anyone have some quick tips on how to calculate time - I have managed successufully to calculate the time but I'm having a hard time deducting another field (lunch hour).

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You basically will need an understanding of the Date() object in the JavaScript model.

Some methods:

getDate() - day of the month

getDay() - day of the week

getHours() - hour (0-23)

getMinutes() - minutes

getSeconds() - seconds

getMonth() - month (0-11)

getYear() - year

getTime() - time in full format

To produce today's date:

var today_date= new Date()

var myyear=today_date.getYear()

var mymonth=today_date.getMonth()+1

var mytoday=today_date.getDate()

document.write("Today's date is: ")



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I was hoping for FormCalc references - any ideas??


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How do you calculate time? what i whant is, that 01.30 + 01.30 = 03.00 ( not 2.60)

can you help me ?