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Table rows, initial count display completely messed up!


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I'm a savvy Designer user and this one has me irked.

Created 5 tables on one page. When I click the PDF Preview tab, my first (and only first) table shows about 20 rows, as if my "initial count or min count" are set to 20 (min count is at 1 and initial count isn't even checked). NONE of my tables are wrapped in subforms and it is a VERY straight-forward, easy form - no fancy bells and whistles that could be messing this up.

I've tried recreating, copy/paste, everything...and each time, I'm having this row display problem. Doesn't happen for every form I create with tables....for some reason, just how I need these tables to appear and line up.

Suggestions or does this go down as yet another bug with Designer??
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