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System Requirements LiveCycle ES 8.2


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I am running LiveCycle ES 8.2 on machine with a 2 GB of RAM. The performance is very slow, especially while saving updates or "Preview PDF". Frequently the application stops responding specially while performing "Undo" command.

What are the minimum RAM requirements for running LiveCycle ES for a fairly large interactive form project (150 forms)?

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3 GB minimum. Set max heap size to 1.2 GB on 32-bit operating systems with a 32-bit JDK.

Also, performance will be better if you provide at least two Intel Xeon-class or AMD Opteron-class CPU cores at clock speeds of 2.3 GHz or better.


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Hello everybody,

My Adobe LiveCycle intslattion is very slow. I even sometime have to restart the server or the workbench many times.

My configuration:

Hardware: Intel Core 2 Quad - Q9550 - 2.83 Ghz - 4Go of RAM - 32 bits (this is a new workstation computer).

Software: Windows XP pro service pack 3.

JBoss for Adobe LiveCycle ES - Jboss Livecycle version 8.2 with SP2 of LiveCycle ES and Workbench.

MySQL for Adobe LiveCycle ES

Adobe Worbench Configuration in the workbench.ini file:


My JBoss for Adobe LiveCycle ES service starts with xmx1024 and xms1024. ... See attached printsctreen for the configuration of my Jboss service.

---> My installation is very slow and I often get OutOfmemory errors. !!! On the Server. The worbench is very slow.

Please, can you tell me how you have configured your workspace. What are the best performance tips to develop application on livecycle ES ?

I will also have to use Eclipse later  (not the Workbench) in order to develop a Flex application for document management, but even without Eclipse I meet many problems.

Thank you very much



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Hello everyone,

I found a possible cause of my problem.

I change -Xmx128m to -Xmx64m. And I get less OOMEs (OutOfMemoryError). My computer is configured for the development of a ECM Connector - I mean this is not a server machine with many users.

When the JVM lack of memory, it tries to take 64m instead of 128m from the Operating System (Windows XP - Quad Core - 4Go of RAM).

If think that it often fails to find a block of 128m in one step, and it is easier for the JVM to get 64m twice.

May be the GC has a different behavior with  64m?

My current configuration file of workbench.ini is:

#Product Runtime Configuration File


I get less OOME now.


Thank you


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The most reliable setting would be to set both min (-Xms) and max (-Xmx) to the same value so that the JVM will grab all of the memory it needs right at initialization.