Submitting XSD data AND form hierarchy



Hi,<br /><br />I'm trying to submit a form which has a couple of standardsections (like a personal data section and a submit section.)<br /><br />Other fields are not bound because then i should create a XSD for each form (250+).<br /><br />Little Example:<br /><br /><Standardsection1> Bound<br /> <FormSpecificSection> Not Bound<br /> <AnotherFormSpecificSection> Not Bound<br /><Standardsection2> Bound <br /><br />Now when i submit only the data which is bound will be included in the xml file. When i remove the xsd data connection and i submit the whole form hierarchy is submitted in the xml. But then my standard sections are not prefilled any more, and that's a major requirement.<br /><br />So my goal is:<br />Submit the form and include<br />1. Data in the standard sections<br />2. Data in custom Form Specific sections.<br /><br />Any help is appreciated.<br /><br />Greetings!