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Submit form as Printed Copy in email.


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I've got a form that I want my user to fill out in Adobe Reader,

submit and send to a client. When the client receives it I don't want

the editable fields to be active anymore. I also don't want the Submit

button to show any longer.

So far I've got the PDF to email with the button, that's great. I can

hide the Print button if I print to PDF. Is there some way to have the

submit button automatically print to PDF then attach that copy to an

email? The reduction in file size from this is also a plus.
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I have a related problem - I require my form to be filled out and upon submission, attach both a flat PDF and the xml of the form to the email. I do have a Reader Extensions License available for this project, does that help?

Thanx in advance,



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What Ben Eubank has exposed here is very interesting, I have the same need, and I see no answer from any person.

Well, it would be nice to know how to build a BATH process that do the manual job for you. I mean, all these things can be done manually: Click the print field, select the PDF printer, introduce the pdf file name (or leave it by default), then create a new email, attach the pdf file and so on, but how nice it would be a way to click a button field and let it do everything for you.

At least it would be nice if the print job could be done directly, without the print window, where you have to select the printer, introduce a file name. At least by one click we would get the printed pdf file.