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Subform / Row Instances disordered somehow... Weird Problem!!!


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Hi, I need help here, it is a major issue which is probably ADOBE's error... But I need to know if anyone has encountered this before and if there is a way around it or a way to fix it...

I have a huge form, which I need to test in every single options to make sure everything is working fine in my code. It is a multiple Stream Case in which some resources are provided for a statement of work.

This form is working fine for every options, but only if I don't have more than 'x' number of instances...

I'll make a short example on how big can the instances go on:

Streams 1 to 5 (Max Instances : 5)

In 1 instance of a stream, a table is displayed with 7 columns:

1: Add Delete;



Everything is based on the categories...

Each streams contains 'x' fixed number of Categories (between 7 and 16) e.g.:Stream 1 contains 10 categories.... Stream 2 contains 15 categories... etc...

A category can only be chosen max 3 times (Table Maximum Rows : 21 to 48)


I have to test every Streams + every categories X 3

So then you can figure out that my test contains 5 Subforms (Streams) and all subforms contains 1 Table and every table together comes up with 177 rows to test... Good!

Now that is not the only thing I have to test here... because each rows (177 rows) have a field which need to be specified how many resources are to be provided with that category, from here each rows may have 'x' number of resources which creates a new instance of a FlexGrid(Table with subforms) for each resources...


My big issue here, I don't know how, when and WHY? but once I have reached 'x' number of instances starting from the 5 instances to the 177 rows, the tables are mixed together.

Stream 1 will be showing half his rows with Stream Header*, Stream 2 will be showing half of his rows with Stream Header* with a blank bottom page... then Blank page.... then showing Stream 3 with half his rows, then showing the other half of Stream 1 then showing the other half of Stream 2 with missing rows just like the page is set to Positioned(its not flowing to next page)... then on the next page Showing the last row of Stream 3....

Stream 4 is shown correctly BUT can be held in only 1 page instead of flowing to the next one

Stream 5 is shown correctly with 1 exception... Stream Header* is shown on the following page instead of on top of the table...

Stream Header*: Is not the header of the table, it is a subform with a dropdownlist to choose which stream to fill in...

Now every Streams are instances of a subform shown in the hierarchy below (frmRessources)

frmStream to be the Stream Header


I've checked out every parents if they are set to Flowed and yes they are... There is some objects which are set to Keep with Next...

Right before I get to post this as a question I found the solution... If anyone gets an issue similar to this, you might consider removing Keep With Next option on some of the subforms or fields, because that was creating a beautiful mind blowing glitch!

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