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Setting Data Field of Combo Box


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I have a result set passed back as an Array. I want to set
and reference a combo box with those values

The first element in the array should be the data, the second
should be the label

I can get the label set, but i Cannot get and set the "data"
the actually selected value.

For example: my function is

public function onResult_getSkillsetNames( result : Array ) :


skillsetName_cmb.dataProvider = result;

skillsetName_cmb.labelField = "skillsetName";

skillsetName_cmb.selectedItem = result[0];

skillsetName_cmb.text = result[1];

//skillsetName_cmb= results[0];


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Look this post.
Combo Box dataField

This may help you if you want to select another index than
the index of the dataprovider.