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So I want to secure my PDF Form.

All I want the user to be able to do is:

Fill in form



Thats it. Where do I start? Is this something I do in livecycle or in Acrobat? I messed around with the security in acrobat but it wont let me save any data I put into the form.

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I am using acrobat but not sure what the users will be using. Probably a combination of both I would guess.


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Your end users... is there any possibility that any form could ever

have more than 500 end users?

Aandi Inston


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I'm sure over time it could be more than that. What does that have to do with it?


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This is absolutely critical.

You want people with Reader to be able to save forms.

They cannot normally do this: it's a "value added option".

To be able to save forms there are four choices which bring different

amounts of revenue to Adobe.

1. The end user upgrades to Acrobat.

2. In all of the following the form is "Reader Extended" so that

people with just Reader can save it. There are three ways in which

this can be done.

(a) The form producer can license LiveCycle Reader Extensions, a

server product to reader-extend forms. Price is by negotation,

according to volume, but expect a minimum of five figures.

(b) The form producer pays for reader-extensions on a per form basis

through a service. The only one I know of is


(c) The form producer uses Acrobat Professional 8.0 or above to

reader-extend the form. This is strictly limited by the EULA. I

recommend you read it carefully, but to oversimplify, you must not

process one form more than 500 times, nor have a single form processed

by more than 500 people.

Given you MIGHT exceed 500, you cannot embark on the otherwise

comparatively simple option of 2(c).

Note that this is not about security, but about switching on otherwise

locked features in the Reaer product.

Aandi Inston


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Well I gave Form Router a call and the quote was way too high for what we are looking for. Now could you explain option C a little more?


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What sort of explanation are you looking for? I'm not sure what I can

add, except that if you want advice on the details of the EULA you

really need to ask a lawyer.

Aandi Inston