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Second master page displays as a blank page


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just wondering if there is a work around for the following scenario:

I have two different master pages (1 & 2) that are used to create two different page standards. I have two body pages (A & B ). Page A is placed on master page 1 and Page B is place on master page 2.

Depending on the type of data that comes into the form, I have two possible scenarios that will be rendered. For one user, I want to display and print body page A & B. For a second user, I want to display only body page A.

The problem arises when, for the second user, I hide body page B, however, an unwanted blank page appears on the form. This is a result of having two master pages, and not having subforms present on one of the master pages.

So, is there a way to render a form that has a master page with no subforms so that I don't see this extra page.

OR, a way to determine if a page is blank so that I can avoid printing it.


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I found an example that stops a subform from rendering if there is no data. See: Program Files\Adobe\Designer\EN\Samples\E-Ticket

However, all of my subforms have data, it is just that some is not relevant to some people.

I just found a solution that works ok. I set the relevant property to "-print" for the appropriate subForm.