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Save in Reader generates new instances of button?


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I finally got my form to a state where users can open it in Reader, enter data, save it, and reopen it later with dynamic features still enabled. I had to remove data binding from each object to make that work.

However ... when you save the form and reopen it one of many buttons on the form has generated a new instance and placed it on top of the original button. It's a help message. It's not a submit or email submit button. None of the other buttons is acting this way.

Here is what is in the script editor:

form1.#subform[0].descriptionofworksubform.descriptionofworktable.HeaderRow[0].Button5::click - (JavaScript, client)

xfa.host.messageBox("Text of message. ", "Form Help", 3);

What in the world is causing the button to act this way? The form will be saved many times before it's finally submitted for each use of the form. I cannot have 20 of these buttons on the final version of each form.

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Level 3

I'm not sure what the issue really was, but I moved the button out of the subform that was containing it, and it solved the creation of new instances.