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Repeating Data throughout Doc


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Is there a way for particular fields to be duplicated throughout a PDF? For example I am designing a Live Cycle PDF (vs 8.0) and the fields for name, address, DOB, etc are duplicated on a few pages. Is it possible to setup a field so that the person types their first name once and then it automatically copies that data to any other field that is also first name (would also want to apply this to address, DOB, etc). I want it to default to repeat data after it's typed the first time, but I also want to give people the option to overwrite the data if they want to change it to something different.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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You can make field binding to "global" and make the field name with the same name of copied field.



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Global objects that have the same name will always display the same value. If you want to be able to change the other fields afterward, you could try adding script to the exit event of the first field. e.g.

Field2.rawValue = this.rawValue

Field3.rawValue = this.rawValue



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