ready:layout - (FormCalc, client) Issue




{Designer 8.0} I have a formula in a form that has been working for several months. Now it doesn't.


$.rawValue = Num2Date(Date()+ 30, "YYYY-MM-DD")

It should show the date 30 days from today. It does in Desinger 8.0 but not in Acrobat Reader. It is stuck on September 26, 2008. Which is 30 days from when the file was last saved.

I have it saved as Acrobat 8.0 Dynamic Form.

Any ideas? Whas there an update to Acrobat Reader in which it does not allow this formcalc action on ready:layout????





There have been no changes to Reader in that area.

Does this happen on all machines or is it a single machine? Your command grabs the system date ... is it possible that the format is different than the YYYY-MM-DD format that you put in the command?

Can you put a messageBox on the same event and validate that the

Date() is in the correct format?

Try running it in Acrobat and hit Ctrl-J and see if there are any errors in the javascript console.