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I have given a form to my customer for pre fill purpose. Reader Extensions also applied on that form. When my customer returns back the filled form to me through Email and I start my process on it in Workspace, the "Complete" button disappears.

But when I remove the reader extensions from the form, the "Complete" button in workspace reappears but in that case I lose the whole data already filled by customer.

How to resolve this issue.

In case of any queries, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance.

Syed Hussain Itiba Naqvi
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Hello Syed,

Please try the following:

Open the original form and insert the field: Custom > Form Bridge.

Then re-apply usage rights and repeat the workflow.

I suspect that the Render operation is failing to augment the form since it is already Reader Extended.

The following documentation has more info on this object. It does not mention your exact case, but it is similar to

Form Bridge object

'You want to certify, encrypt, or apply usage rights to a PDF or XDP form before its first delivery to a user by LiveCycle Forms ES or LiveCycle Workspace ES'