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Reader Extensions ES


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I need to add Reader Extensions in my LC server.

For this , I ran Configuration Manager and uploaded the pfx file. It dint show any error during upload. Now, when I tried to hit the URL http://localhost:8001/ReaderExtensions, its giving error 404.

can anyone help me in figuring this out... am I missing some configuration step?

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Is port 8001 the alternate HTTP port for you application server? As a well-known port number that is unusual.

There are several ways to validate the installation and configuration of Reader Extensions.

1. From LiveCycle ES Administration Console, click About. The splash screen includes the list of installed components.

2. Check the Configuration Manager log file (on JBoss see C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\configurationManager\log\lcm.0.log or \opt\Adobe/LiveCycle8.2/configurationManager/log/lcm0.log). Do a find on /ReaderExtensions and you will find URL deployed.

3. Check the server log to validate there are no errors related to Reader Extensions.

4. Check the server log and validate the Reader Extensions was successfully deployed. Search for "ctxPath=/ReaderExtensions".