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Problem with this version of DropDownLists, there is no removeItem function


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Dear All,

I have a problem with this new version of the DropDownLists, in previous versions you had the removeItem function and others, but now you just have clearItems and addItem.

I have a list of elements in which a customer will be able to link and delete any element that he wants, I had selected a DropDownList to do that but considering that the removeItem function is not present I dont know how to do that...

Does anybody know how to delete a element in a dropdownlist?

If not, the solution will be to get all the elements in an array and reload the list but without the element "deleted" . Does anybody knows how to get all the elements of a DropDownList?


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If you have a drop-down list named myDropDownList,with SOMExpression

Form.page1.myDropDownList then you can remove the

element at position
i using the following code:

var myItems = xfa.form.resolveNode("Form.page1.myDropDownList.#items");


Good luck.