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Problem with OnChange Event of JFWF_ACTION field


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I have a call to a subroutine on the OnChange event of the JFWF_ACTION field on my Form Designer 5.0 form. This form is used in a Workflow Server 6.1 workflow. The subroutine is as follows (written in VBScript):

Sub Action_On_Change()

If JFWF_ACTION.Value = "Reject" Then

txtReasonForRejection.Mandatory = True

lblReasonforRejection.Visible = True

txtReasonforRejection.Visible = True


txtReasonForRejection.Mandatory = False

lblReasonforRejection.Visible = False

txtReasonforRejection.Visible = False

End If

End Sub

It simply checks the value of the JFWF_ACTION field and if the value is "Reject", it makes a "Reason for Rejection" text box visible and mandatory for the user to fill in before they can submit the form. The problem is, is doesn't work properly! It makes the field visible on every second change of the JFWF_ACTION field, regardless of the value selected! I've had this problem ever since I used FormFlow99 Form Designer and it looks like it's still a problem. Maybe a bug? Has anyone else had this problem?

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Use the afterupdate event:

If jfwf_choice.CurrentSelection = 2 (your index for reject)

'show field

'set mandatory


'hide field

'set mandatory = false

End If