Problem with Global Binding and User Can Override



I am a new user with LiveCycle and scripting, so be patient with me.

In a form I am making I have created a numeric field with a calculation. This calculation is an average. This works perfect. On a different page in the same form I have made the same field, with the same name and with Global Binding. This way the calculation appears also in that field. This works also fine.

But...when I made it so that the user can override it with his own input (Calculated - User Can Override), the input cannot be changed. It seems that the calculation overrides the input the user fills in and the original number comes back.

How can I make this works perfect as it should be. The user can override the calculation and his input appears also in a field on a different page.




If I understood well I think that the better way to solve this problem is use the fields in normal way, without "Calculated - User Can Override" setting.

i hope this helps.

Sorry for my poor english. 🙂

Roberto Bellarmino (Italy)