Problem with Expanding boxes




I have a form that has fields with user input expandable content. However when you click off the field the box doesn't expand. instead it creates a small cross in the bottom right hand corner.

The height expand to fit box on the layout tab is selected and all the sub forms are selected to be flowable. I can't see what I am missing.

If I create a expandable form using version 8.1 then everything works

However this particular form was created by a colleague using the new 8.2 version. we already have noticed that if you open forms created in 8.2 in version 8.1 the data binding is not recognised (as there is an & at the beginning of the binding source pathway). However before I update my version to solve this problem i want to check that we will be able to create expandable content in the updated version.

Does anyone have any insight, am I missing something obvious or is there a version bug?

Many Thanks