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PDF Generator timing out: possible licensing issue


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I've setup LiveCycle ES with PDF Generator with JBoss on a Windows 2003 cluster.

Everything worked fine until a month ago.

Now for every PowerPoint or Excel (I assume other doc types will too) I send to the PDF Generator service, I get timeouts - the job never gets done. The only exception is with Word documents, which they do get finished.

As instructed in the documentation and in the installer, I installed LiveCycle ES and PDF Generator without support for Native conversion. However, later on the JBoss clustering documentation it's indicated:

"Manual use of Acrobat restricted

If you have installed the PDF Generator ES Generate PDF service for native document conversion, use of the included Acrobat product is restricted to the Generate PDF service and is not licensed for any other use."

Tried to test the PDF conversion from the Excel program. Using the Acrobat PDF Printer or the "Save as PDF" results in the process pausing and alerting me that Acrobat is not activated. The same goes for the PowerPoint program.

In the case of using Word to convert to PDF, with the "Save as PDF" option, it does get converted using the "Simple Quick PDF" option. But selecting the "Fully functional" option again alerts me of Acrobat not being activated.

A few seconds after opening Acrobat, it alerts me that the grace period expired, and asks to download an e-license.

So, is PDF Generator not working because Acrobat is not working with PDF Gen without a fully functional license? Only "native-support" installations benefit from the limited license of PDF Generator? Or I am suffering from an entirely different circumstance?
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Did you install Acrobat as part of LiveCycle, or standalone? Did you enter a license key for Acrobat? You could try to open acrobat and select to activate it. You should also install with the native support. PDF G will not work unless Acrobat is working.


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Check out the section "Configuring time-out settings" in this document -> http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/es/install_dev_enviro.pdf

hope this helps !