Page Count in Overflow Leader




I need to put a page counter in the overflow leader for a subform. For example, the first page will say 1. If the data overflows, it says 2, etc. This is not the same thing as the page number of the document.

I've tried putting a floating field in the overflow leader subform using

>this.rawValue = this.rawValue+1

to use it as a kind of counter. This works in Designer in preview mode. However, when I merge xml data with the xdp using Output ES I get varying incorrect answers depending on which event I put the script in.

Is there a better way to do it? I thought using the instanceManager might help, but that only returns one instance regardless of the number of pages, so I don't think that will work either.





I have the same issue please post the solution

I want to create multiple documents in one report

each document page number start from 1

Basicly I need to create a counter with a condition.