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New to LiveCycle and question on Current Date box.


Level 1
Hi all,

I'm very new to designer and I'm trying to put in a Current Date box. The issue I have is that it displays as 2/26/09 and I need it to display as February 26, 2009.

I've gone into the patterns and enter that, but it doesn't change anything.

When I drag the Current Date box into the form, I get a message that says "This object has settings that this form does not support. These settings are removed when the object is placed on the form."

What is this? I made this form off of an existing PDF file that has nothing in it.

Thanks for any help,

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Level 10
Put this script (formcalc) in the Initialize (or wherever you need it) event for your field:

$.rawValue = num2date(date(), DateFmt(3))


Level 1
I'm not sure where to put that in. In the Object palette, there isn't anywhere that I can find to put in a custom script.

I tried to put it in the pattern, but it wouldn't take it.


Level 10
Ah, ok I see what's going on - I didn't realize there was a prebuilt current date object.

The reason it doesn't change the format from the Patterns is because it is using a script like the one I gave you.

You need to open the Script Editor window (Window->Script Editor -- I think its default location is just under the toolbars above the page you're working on) then when you click on the object the Script Editor will list scripts attached to the object.

You need to change the script where it says DateFmt(1) to DateFmt(3).