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Need to generate PDF with dynamic data...help


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We need to generate PDF output files "on the fly" when a user submits a request via an http browser based request. The template for the PDF is predefined and is mostly static but the data depends on the users request.

We designed the module using an approach as below, the question is -

1. Is this the right and optimal approach considering maintainability of the template and size of the template as primary objectives.

2. Is there a better way to achieve this objective ?

3. Any suggestions to improve the performance of loading th output (currently it takes 10 secs to load it on a browser) and reduce the size of the template (file size is 650 mb)?


1. Analyst predefines the template using Adobe lifecycle designer 7.0 tool in XDP format and saves it in a particular template folder.

2. Based on the customers request via a browser, the java based application generates XML output in XDP format with the reference to the template.

3. So, when the response is sent tot he user back- they see a PDF output.

The challenge is to map the XML data tot he fields in the Template which is now done using the template mapping feature..however if we need to do this without Adobe forms/XDP would it be possible .. reason is the XDP form cannot be optimized for performance.. see point # 3 above.. it take 10 secs to load the output pDF.


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Dear Raghavendra,

not a solution - but a question:

I understand that you "enrich" .xdp-templates with further data to "personalise" the templates. How did you solve the problem to batch-generate .pdf from the indivisualised .xdp-files?

Thanks for any hint



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hi guys...<br /><br /><?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><br /><xfa:data xmlns:xfa="http://www.xfa.org/schema/xfa-data/1.0/"> <br /><page1><br /> <city_county>WICOMICO COUNTY</city_county><br /></page1><br /></xfa><br /><br />thats my xml and i just get a blank pdf when i load it up... help :(<br />im using Coldfusion and the cfpdfform tag, to make everything.<br /><br />thanks<br />tony


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I have been searching for days and can't find a straight answer. I have an Adobe Livecycle form that has some fill in fields. I want to be able to have a button on a cold fusion page to open a pdf on my intranet server. I want some of the data fields to pre-populate some fill-in fields. I tried using a fdf but determined that forms created in Livecycle require xml. I tried xfdf and a bunch of other things and cant get it to work. What should I be searching for?

Another option I see is to upgrade coldfusion and use the cpdf tag. Is there a resource I can check out somewhere?