Need more info on LiveCycle Designer? Check out these sites...



The following websites are ones that I've found useful for information on LiveCycle Designer. If you have other blogs / sites that you find useful, please add them to this thread.

Stefan's blog:

LiveCycle Designer Developer Center:


Mike Potter

Adobe Developer Relations




I'm going to vent a little here but perhaps it will rid this forum of some lazy behaviour.

If you are about to post a question, please

1) Look in the Designer HELP to see if the answer is there

2) Do a search of this forum (use "forum search" link at the top of the page) to see if your question has already been asked.

It seems some of you get frustrated when your question isn't answered. Chances are it's because either your question is difficult to understand or it's already been answered in another post (and nobody really wants to do your work for you to direct you to the answer).

I'll be the first to support anyone who says the LC Designer documentation is lacking, but this forum combined with the resources posted in Mike's e-mail above are terrific resources and have helped me out on several occasions.



I should also add that I cross my fingers that the folks at Adobe who monitor this forum take note of the sort of questions that are being asked so that they can make the appropriate clarity or content adjustment to their documentation set.



Well, guess what SGreen, I'm building a form right now, that would

create a diagram out of some value fields.

I've opened 6 - 7 documents for help just for being able to draw

(dinamically) a single straight line:

Designer Help

AcroJS.pdf (Acrobat Java Scripting Reference)



JavaScript editor Pro help

Acrobat JavaScript scripting guide

There's no single straight answer to questions that bother every developer - like (just an example):

"Is Designer supporting Annot methods - like addAnnot?"

They say it does (for static) but their program says/does the opposite.

Why to make a revolution from a thing that was already working?

Probably the guys who concocted XML wanted to create the next thing which will save the world, right now instead it's a calamity that's affecting any thinkable domain of science/industry.



I have tried using Adobe LiveCycle Designer. I keep getting the following Error Message: "xml parsing error: unknown coding (error code 18) Line 1, Column 31 of file"

I have searched your support data base and could not find the Error message.

I like your Program and want to Purchase it, BUT, I have tried for 2 weeks or better to correct My Files, BUT, I continue to get the same error message.

I hope that you can help me. I only have 25 days to make my final decision as to whether to purchase the Program.

I want to use the Program for my Students who enroll in my On-Lin Bible Institute, which open on January 2, 2007



Is there a more advanced guide for scripting in Livecycle??

I found this one:

But i was thinking if there is a basic scripting guide maybe there is an advanced scripting guide too.

Anyone of you now that??



Personally, as someone new to 'scripting' I couldn't find an answer in plain English to my problem. I'm learning php/mysql and find that easier to find specific answers and examples than 'Designer'. And certainly found tons of help on forums.

I did a search here and in 'help' and on the internet (for ages) for an answer that would make sense to me before posting here. Although I'm quite sure the problem I had is ultra-basic to someone who 'knows'.

I think the reason I didn't get my answer here was because of your latter example; people thinking I should have found the answer myself - that is was too 'basic'. But this forum was a 'second' last resort before trying another program or learning javascript rather than FormCalc.

Eventually though I found and recommend it.

AND I have to say that I wish I'd found before. It's what I need methinks! Thanks Rob for the tip!



That's very surprising you found the google group useful. I see a lot of posts and no responses.

I wish I could find a good resource to find answers. It seems common on this forum to read about how someone just spent 10 hours trying to figure out a problem. I'm sure that's not that uncommon, I know I have done the same when it comes to this software because there seems to be insufficient resources to get help.








Some users need to learn that this site is about sharing not taking and that "Never mind, I found the solution!" is not sharing.

One should post the solution found so that others can learn from the posters experience. All solutions and techniques are not so obvious to all.