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Multiple Master Pages - how to apply to forms?


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I need to build a form with two pages, one with portrait orientation and the other one with landscape orientation.

So I created two Master Pagers, one for each, with correspondent orientations.

The first page is ok, following the portrait Master Page definitions. Now I want to apply the landscape Master Page definitions on the second page - I haven't found where to do it.

Please, where do I change this?

Thank you very much for any hints.


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Hi Marcos,

If you select the second page in the hierarchy and then go to the Object > Pagination palette. There you can specify to place the page on the landscape Master Page:

Parallels Desktop1.png

There is an example here: http://assure.ly/ewrLMo

Hope that helps,



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Hey Niall!

Great! So obvious, how come I did not see that option!

It worked! Thank you!



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HI Niall,

I'm glad to have found this thread as I have some forms which need 3 Master pages and something is wrong but I can't figure it out.

  • The 1st Master Page is portrait and will be used for the first two pages of content.
  • The 2nd Master Page is landscaped and will be used for the third page (or more) content.
  • The 3rd Master page has 'fixed' Revision History content and just is what it is, and is ALWAYs last on every form we do.

So I was able to get the first two content pages on the first Master page (portrait) and it looks fine.

So far, so good.

Now for the problem:

The next "content" page is landscaped, but I cannot put content on it. In fact, if I click on that page, the Master Page is highlighted.

If I delete it, the 2nd Master Page is deleted as well.

Moving on:

The next page does use the appropriate landscaped Master Page and looks good.

The final page is the Rev history page, as expected.

NOTES: on the difficult page I have tried to use the information you have here but it doesn't work as it appears to be a Master Page.

How does a master page show up in the Design View and not allow content to be placed on it? How can I remove it?

Thanks an awful lot - hope your weather is better than ours!



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Hi Maria,

It is definitely a pagination issue. I suspect that even though the form has three pages, the status bar at the bottom is showing four.

I can't do much at the moment, as I am working on a project, but will try and get a sample up later.

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