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Multiple blank pages for no reason


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I have a dynamic form with multiple pages containing multiple flowed and posistioned subforms, but for some reason additional blank pages are added and mixed in between all of my subforms is there any obvious reason for this, what can i do to fix this?

Thanks in advance
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I've had the same problem and have had it work once using a combination of parameters and not work using the exact same parameters. The way it worked I had set up several blank Master pages and controlled what master page the text boxes overflowed onto. I also used the Overflow leader and trailer settings to get what I want.


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very often, problems like that, are due to the dimensions or coordinates of the body page's content.

Sometimes is necessary to verify the coordinates of floating fields because could happens that are wrong...

Again, if you use multiple master pages and 7.x.y adobe reader you got that problem because there is a bug.