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Multipage Form and Page Breaks


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I have a set up a 3 page form with both positioned and flowed subforms. I have successfully set up the form so that when the "filler-outer" reaches the end of a page, the text fields can expand to fit and allow multiple lines, and thus break to the next page. The situation I'm experiencing is that when the content on pg 1 breaks onto the next page, the all the original form fields on pg 2 flow to pg 3 (pg 3 subsequently becomes pg 4). This wouldn't bother me, except if only 1-2 fields from pg 1 break over to pg 2, an unsightly amount of white space is left below those fields.

I've searched forum topics for about 3 days now and haven't found mention of anyone else trying to do this. I'm guessing I'm missing some subform configuration?? Any help is appreciated.

I'm using LiveCycle 8.2.1
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Level 10
Hi Cathy,

I am guessing here and someone else will be able to give a proper answer.

Have you tried the following:

(1) the pages set up to flow from top to bottom (this may be an optional step and it depends on what you are doing on pages 2 and 3);

(2) For the content areas on pages 2 and 3 go to the Pagination section of the Object Tab, set the Place value to "Following Previous"

Hope this works.



Level 2

Thank you so much. Option 2 resolved my issue. I knew it was something small that I was overlooking. I forgot all about that Pagination Tab - by setting the content areas to "Following Previous" I was able to produce the desired result.

Thank you!