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Multiline textfield with pagebreak still cuts off text


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I am designing a letter form with LiveCycle Designer ES4 and now I am stuck because of the page breaks.

I wanted to make a text field that - if necessary - goes beyond multiple pages. This is what I did:

  • Masterpage has a footer with page number and an information box on the side
  • Contentarea is unchanged, covers whole page
  • Mainpage->Object
      • Content: float, from top to bottom
      • allow breaks
  • Mainpage has a subform with the address fields. Below that is the main text field. Borders to the top, bottom and left side
  • The main text field allows multiple lines and breaks. Height is expandable.
  • The preview is set to "Dynamix XML Form"

Now when I open the form and enter a long text it won't be cut right.

Let's say I got the paragraphs A B C D. It breaks after B. But on page 2 it continues with paragraph D. And D is not even shown completely. C is lost.

Here is a screenshot showing my problem. I used numbers instead of lorem ipsum so you can see that whole lines get lost


What did I do wrong?


€dit: Rebuild the whole thing from scratch and now it works. Strange

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