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Merging data from a CSV file into a PDF Form


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Hello all,

I have a 4-page PDF file. I need to print out this document for 4000 employees. However, I need to put the employee's name and address at the top of the document. I have a CSV file and an XML file with all of the names and addresses but I am having trouble merging this file into the PDF document.

Here is what I have tried so far:

1. I went into Adobe Designer 7.0 and I created a form using my document.

2. I then mapped my form fields to my XML file.

3. I went into Acrobat 3D and then went to Advanced-->Forms-->Import Data to Form.

I can get the first employee to appear on the document but how do I get Acrobat to cycle through all 4000 employees in the file and create all 4000 documents? Basically, I need this process to continue for each employee essentially creating 4000 4-page documents.

If Acrobat or LiveCycle cannot handle this, can anyone think of how this could be handled using a different product?

Thanks in advance!
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create subform, add your fields in that subform, map your xml elements to the fields in the subform, and finally the min and max property of the subform.


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MS-Word mail merge does that kind of thing. You can do a mail merge using data from a database if you want. No scripting required!