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Making text invisible only after form is printed


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When printing the form, the sections that I want to be invisible are still showing up. I know that the buttons allow you to select to be "visible-but don't print", which is what I want just a section of text to do. I've tried putting the text in a subform and typing in "this.presence = "invisible"; in the preprint javascipt box, but this still did not stop the section of text from printing.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated!
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Hi Aimee,

I think what you are doing should work!! i've done the same coding and also this.presence="hidden"; on prePrint for subform and it all works for me. My best guess is that you are having the file as static pdf or having another error(check the console).

hope it helps.

Parth Pandya


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One way to check whether the PDF is static or dynamic is to add a simple test button to your form that makes something visible/hidden. If the button doesn't work, then your print logic won't either.