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LiveCycle summarizing data


Level 1
Hi, I'm new with this program and I cant get what I'm looking for. I hope someone can have the time to help me, thanks for your time.

what I'm looking for is to design a survey for a research I'm doing. some of it will be send by email hopping people fill it and return it. The other part will be doing face to face with rural people but I'm going to be the one who fill it for them. What I need is to summarize all the info to see some patterns on the issues I'm asking because is going to be a 80-people survey with at least 30 questions in different formats of question and I'm sure extracting the info by hand and then summarizing it for a statistic analysis will be hard.

first question, does LiveCycle built reports with the info? if so, what do I have to do?

second question, can I export the info into excel to make my own statistic analysis?

example: if I'm asking a yes/No question I would like some report to tell me how many people choose one or the other option.

If I'm using ranks of ages I would like some report to tell me how many people are within the ranks.

thank you for your help
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