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LiveCycle in 3 day Video Training


Level 2

I posted to the board 3-4 weeks ago about the files not matching upto the videos. When you get to Day 2 project files Lesson 3 LiveCycle Output the files and the video do not match. The outcome is that you can not replicate what is in the videos. Did you change the files according to the LiveCycle updates and not change the video or vise a versa? 

Hate to say it but Adobe has dropped the ball on this one. The product has such great potential but the lessons have alot to be desired.

Is there a book with lesson plans and files that I may purchase?

I have been designing forms with liveCycle Designer for 4 years and was trying to learn the server side which is not that hard if you had the correct files with the videos to work from.

Can someone please help.

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I took a look at the video and supporting files.  It appears to me that the video was meant to be a "demo", and not actually document the steps for a "Hands On" exercise. 

The "Hands-on" steps are documented in the "Output.pdf" file contained in the "day2_project_files.zip" file.

One thing to note as well, there appears to be a typo in the "Output.pdf" file, Step 5 and 6 (on page 1) reference incorrect path and file names.  You will want to use the "LiveCycle in a Week (Output ES2).lca" found in the root of the "LC Output" folder (found in the "day2_project_files.zip" file)

Hope this helps.