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Livecycle Designer 8 - Script not saving


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I'm trying to add an auto-tabbing script to a form I've created so that the focus moves to the next field automatically.

I have the following code on each field, on event change:

/* goNextAlpha(this, event, "TextField2"); */

But the problem is that the script isn't saving. Its definately there in the script view and xml view, but...

When I open the pdf with Acrobat Professional, under the Advanced -> Document Processing -> Javascripts menu, my script is not there at all.

Also, in LiveCycle's javascript debugger, the script does not appear at all.

It's probably something really obvious. Any suggestions?
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Yes, you can not import a PDF form into LiveCycle Designer and not have the Acrobat JavaScripts not disabled. There are a large number of differences between Acrobat Form JavaScirpt and LiveCycle Designer JavaScript. One of the biggest is how to reference the open PDF object. More information is in the "Scripting Reference" under LiveCycle Designer's menu "Help" option.