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LiveCycle 8 opens momentarily then acrobat opens


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When I start LiveCycle 8, it momentarily opens and then closes. A few seconds later Acrobat opens.
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I have the exact same problem and uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat and Reader. I also had the trial version and didn't have any issues, only started when I bought the full version. Anyone have a solution?


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I had the same problem when I started using the non-demo version. drove me nuts for a while.

Here's one way to get to livecycle- I'm not sure if there's a way to set it so you can go directly to it....

open the file in acrobat, then go to the Forms menu and select Edit in Form Designer.


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Re-create the Acrobat preferences folder.

Re-create the Acrobat file based preferences folder to eliminate problems that damaged preferences cause. Acrobat will recreate the preference files on launch when the preference files do not exist. Most user specific settings are stored in the registry. Most preference problems are caused by these file-based preferences, although the majority of the Acrobat 's preferences are stored within the registry.

Note: Custom settings for Collaboration, JavaScripts, Organizer, Security, Stamps, Color Management, Auto Fill, Web Capture and Updater will be affected by using this solution.

To re-create the Acrobat Preferences folder:

1. Quit Acrobat.

2. In Windows Explorer, go to c:\Documents and Settings\ [User Name] \Application Data Adobe\Acrobat\8.0 folder and move the Preferences folder to another location (for example, C:\Temp).

3. Launch Acrobat.

If the problem recurs after you re-create the Acrobat Preferences folder, then the problem isn't related to the Preferences folder. To restore custom settings, drag the folder you moved in step 2 back to its original location, and then click Yes To All to replace the new Preferences folder.


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Ive got the same problem and nothing has helped. Granted, I can get to LiveCycle 8 by going through Acrobat, but I shouldnt have to. Any other ideas?


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As far as I can tell Adobe goofed with the install/uninstall process for people who had trial versions of Acrobat previously installed.

If you're familiar with the Windows registry and want to see what I've found go to the following registry key:


(Note - do this at your own risk. It worked fine for me, but registry changes can be risky).

Backup the 8.0 key [folder] before modifying it.

Then, delete the MasterApp key/value and launch Designer.

Once you've seen the notice you can import that key back into the registry and it should work before as it did before the modification.

I got a Livecycle 7 Trial expiration window. This is really strange because I've never had the version 7 trial, though I did demo 8.0 before purchasing it. I can't remember if I uninstalled the 8.0 demo or if I let the installation program do it. It looks like previous Designer files are still somewhere (and probably registry entries).

If you modify the MasterApp key to point to Designer then you'll just get stuck in an infinite loop with Designer starting, closing, and restarting.

I don't know anything about these keys. I couldn't find any info...

I still don't know what the solution is. I may try uninstalling everything, cleaning old files and entries, and then reinstalling but I'm trying to work on PDF documents right now and I'll not be happy if that doesn't solve the problem.