LiveCycle 7.0 - Specify Item Values



I have created a form that uses radio buttons labeled 1-10 to rate various things. I have been trying to specify the values for the buttons to correspond with the label.

The "Help" tells me it should automatically value the buttons starting from 1 and go up by increments of 1 to a high value of 10. It doesn't. It automatically values the buttons starting from 0 and going up by increments of 1 to a high value of 9.

Then it tells me if I want to manually change them, I can by double-clicking the value and typing in the value I want. That works to a point. I can manually change buttons 1-9 to a value that matches its label (i.e., values 1-9), however, when I attempt to enter the value of 10 for the last button, the "Specify Item Values" box is magically unchecked and the buttons reset themselves to values of 0-9. Oddly enough, it does let me enter a value of 11 for button number 10. It also lets me enter a value of 010.

I need these values to work as we use them to average scores.

Any suggestions out there?