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Life cycle Crashing -Any one got any ideas


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Windows XP

Trial Version of Designer ES 8.2

Crashed a couple of times today already while selecting 'Preview' option

Need to end Lifecycle from Task manager losing all the work since last save

Error Signature

AppName:formdesigner.exe AppVer8.2.1.3158 ModName uxtheme.dll

ModVer 6.0.2900.5512 Offset: 00001531
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At this point it is unclear if the app is broken or if it is your form. Can you open other forms and have the app stay up?

If you want to send me your form I will open it with my Designer and see if it crashes.

Send it to livecycle8@gmail.com

Include a description of the issue and how to reproduce it please.


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Thanks Paul

Things are getting worse, LiveCycle has crashed again just disapeared off the screen, no message

The form I was working on has also disappeared, total size now 0 KB, I have reverted to a form I backed up Yesterday morning (a lot of work lost)

I am attempting to recreate the form in every detail so as soon as it starts to play-up I will send you a copy


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Check if the LCD doesn't crash until you open a form with it.

If so, you can try to delete the Designer folder with your user settings from your harddrive.

Sometimes the users settings get corrupt for some reason and cause a crash of LCD, after a form is opened.

Deleting the folder will force LCD to recreate the folder with the the general settings on next startup.

You can find it under:

C:\Documents and Settings\[USER]\Application Data\Adobe\Designer


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I had the same problem a few months ago. it seemed to happen after adobe reader updated to version 9.0. I found a work around of opening adobe reader first prior to opening LCD (Version 8.1 ES). Then the preview worked great and it stopped crashing. It happened with a few different forms. Eventually the problem went away, dont know what cleared it up... But I do recommmend opening reader prior to opening LCD.


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I have had the same issue with a twist. I can open forms locally however the users that need to open the forms use adobe 9 within a citrix environment. When they click the form it opens for 2 seconds and crashes no error is thrown. Any help with this would be appreciated. We are using adobe 9.0 and Live Cycle Designer ES 8.2. My email is nmurray@orlans.com thank you.