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JPEG images in FormDesigner forms


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My question is what does Form Server do with JPEG images when generating PDF files.

We use FormServer and Form Designer 7.1. Form Server runs on AIX.

We generate many forms and embed a county logo into the form. The problem we're having is that the PDF files are pretty large. Based on the county, and the JPEG logo, they are from 20k to over 700k. Some of our logos are very large, and we're fixing that.

Besides the large logos, we've noticed that PDF files sizes are between 2 and 6 times larger than the logo file, on a very simple form. I'm thinking that form server must be doing some kind of transformation on the JPEG file, making the image size larger.

Is there a way to prevent this?

We are using an 'image' field. The JPEG logos have dimensions of 5" wide by 1" high. Embed image data is not checked. Sizing is set to 'Scale Image Proportionally'.

Any help appreciated. Even if we shrink our average logo file down to 20k to 30k, I'm concerned it will still take up 2x to 6x more storage.

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