Is AFCS right for me? And server question...



I've been coding for the last week learning the SmartFox
server and how to handle connections and information for a
multi-player 'twitch' based game. I stumbled upon SFCS and also
Adobe Stratus, both of which I had managed to miss completely.

My question is this, currently I'm reading up on old school
multiplayer video games that had to work over TCP and how they
manage lag and player delays and adjust for movement. This is
quickly becoming the hardest part of my entire game. From what I
understand UDP offers the ability to receive and send packets
regardless of an order allowing a fast simulation based game to
avoid waiting for packets when it has already received a newer more
update packet.

In something along the lines of AFCS or Stratus more
appropriate for a quick, simulation based gameplay?

Also the second part of my question was regarding the ability
to Host games on the server. Currently with smartFox each server
has a java extension that runs and maintains each games state. I'd
like the game to have the ability to record high scores, as well as
have a server side simulation to prevent basic forms of cheating.
I'm concerned that if the game left the server completely and then
relied on one or more users to send in the high scores, that
cheating could be abused... such as common speed-hacks found in
current games.

I'm admittedly a bit ignorant with networking requirements
and flashes capabilities in the area and would like any thoughts on
the matter. Thanks!





This question is really interesting - it is something I also would like to ask.

I am trying to see how far AFCS can go in real time (assuming the user has a decent broadband connection).

My other question in another post is how to share motion - I am guessing this would be done using the shared coordinates of a sprite (similar to the way in which text was shared in the SDK example?