'Invalid enumerated value' when adding a row in a table




I'm using LiveCycle Form Designer 8 and Acrobat Professional 8.

I've inserted a Dynamic Table and have defined an Add and Remove button for the form to add and delete rows.

When I open the form in Adobe Reader V7.0.8 the following error message is shown:

Invalid enumerated value: indexChange

The fault occured on line xxx

The same error occured every time I added a new row to the table by selecting the 'Add Row' button. The new row is added correctly after closing the error message.

When opened in Reader 8 the 'Invalid enumerated value' error does not appear and the row is added correctly.

In the source there is no code for the 'indexChange' event for the table. The only code is for the Add button ('Table15(Row1.instanceManager(true);') and for the delete button ('Table15.Row1.instanceManager.removeInstance(this.parent.index);').

Why am I getting this error with Reader 7 and how can I fix the problem?

Thanks for any help.