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Integration with Alfresco Enterprise Edition 2.2


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My company uses Alfresco Enterprise Edition 2.2, and would like to implement DRM features. I quickly ran through the features of the LiveCycle Rights Management ES, and understand that this could help enable DRM capabilities to the exact extent of what is being sought.

My question is:

How can I integrate LiveCycle Digital Rights ES with Alfresco Enterprise 2.2. I understand that LiveCycle provides connectors for some specific ECMs, but didn't notice Alfresco in the list. So, is this really possible?

I also read a similar useful post: http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b5e850/3 but that doesn't accurately answer my question.

Appreciate an early response. If integration is possible, I am happy to talk to sales at the earliest. (I am not a decision-maker, but a consultant).
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You are right that LiveCycle has connectors for two or three of the most commonly used content management systems, and AlFresco is not one of them. However, LiveCycle can be utilized by for example java or .net code. I haven't tried connecting an application like AlFresco to Digital Rights, so I don't know how that eventually could be utilized.


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Thanks for your reply and tip, Daniel!

But in this case, I will be exploiting certain features of the LiveCycle ES with many efforts than some, which would have been a case if there was a connector.

Should this be acceptable to my company, my additional fear would then be that I would not be able to unleash the maximum potential of the LiveCycle Digital Rights ES (because I am only making available certain features of the software by means of the API).

In that case, wouldn't, LiveCycle be an overkill?

Do you think, my doubts are justified?


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email me with your contact details,I shall get somebody to talk to you on this