Install with a copy of existing database




I am wondering if anybody had tried this:

suppose you have a LiveCycle ES 8.0 running, all's well; let's call this system "A".

now, you need to bring up another LC ES system on a separate server machine. let's call this system "B".

But, since there are 2000 forms/processes in system "A" already,

and you don't want to Import + Configure all those 2000 forms from "A" to "B", because it's a time-consuming, tedious and extremely boring work.

So, is it possible to

make a copy of the LCES database of system "A",


during the install/configure/deploy LC ES onto "B", we configure "B" to connect to the COPY of the database (instead of letting the configuration manager configure/initialize a brand new database for B).

would that work?

if so, what would be the exact procedure?