How to return fillable pdf form via distribute function in live cycle?




I am trying to have a fillable form be submitted back/returned by e-mail (through using outlook)to multiple users, via the distribute form function through livecycle, so that they know a pdf form has been completed and sent back and that I can place the information in the dataset as well (in case I need to export the info). Currently the distribute function only accepts it going to one e-mail, even if I seperate the e-mails with a ";". How do I have the form e-mail multiple users and allow me to place the form field data go into a dataset via distribution?





I tried it and I am seeing what you are seeing. If I send to a single user then it works fine. I think it might be outlook blocking the multi-address through programmatic interfaces. They do this so that viruses cannot turn your mail client into a spam generation. This is simply a guess.