How to detect individual users?



I presumed that event.message.clientId would return something
unique for every connected client that sends a message!

Every time I return an “event.message.clientId” I
get the same code?

Dose this mean that every message sent from the same
destination has the same clientId?





"O" now I see, Oooops!!

Ok if you got the same problem, you need to pass the
consumer.clientId along in a header. Dose that make any sense?? lol

What I was trying to do is get hold of each clientId from
every subscribed client that sends a message. My first attempt was
to use message.clientid from the consumer….

However this only returns the currently subscribed clientId..
What I did was passed the clientId from the consumer
(consumer.clientId) in a message header called consumerID..

Then called this, message.headers.consumerID = consumerID;

This then provides clientId’s for every one that sends
a message that is subscribed to the destination..

Well I think so any way..! This blazeDS is quite fun to play

If you need help on this let me know and i will explain in
more depth..