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How to create Spanish forms


Former Community Member

My requirement is to create spanish forms.

For this what needs to be done. Do I need to install the spanish version of LC Designer or any designer version will do with proper configuration settings.

In case settings needs to be done, can anybody list down the steps please.

Thanks and regards,

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Hello Shivajiv,

There is no need to change version of Designer.

You simply change the default locale for each document created.

1. In the File menu, select Form Properties

2. Click on the Defaults tab.

3. Select the appropriate Default Form Locale.

If there is a need to specify a different locale for a given object, you can do so in the Object palette, Field tab. Look for the Locale drop-down list.

As explained in the Help files, the Default Form Locale defines the format of dates, times, numeric values, and currency for a specific country.



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