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How to call getItems(List identityList) ?


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Hi LCDS Gurus,
Currently I have trouble of configure the LCDS Assember. Our data polling frontend is pretty standard:


The DataService has following settings (In action script):

ds = new DataService("datahelper");
ds.autoCommit = false;
ds.autoSyncEnabled = true;

The backend Assembler has following configuration in data-management-conf.xml:




Also the com.xx.DataAssember has overriden following methods:
public List getItems(List arg0)
public Object getItem(Map identity)
public void updateItem(Object newVersion, Object previousVersion, List changes)
public Collection fill(List fillParameters, int startIndex, int numberOfRows)
public Collection fill(List fillParameters)
public int refreshFill(List fillParameters, Object item, boolean isCreate) {
public boolean autoRefreshFill(List fillParameters) {
// TODO Auto-generated method stub
return false;
public int count(List fillParameters)

My problem is, whenever the DataGrid request the next page, it always invoke the getItem() 30 times (30 is my page size) instead of invoke getItems() once. So I can save 29 queries.

Do you know what's wrong with my configruation?

Thx a lot !
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