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How do I turn on the "Show/Hide PDF" button on an xdp form in workspace.


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I have an .xdp form I brought into LiveCycle workbench. I have built and defined a Form Guide for the form, and when the form guide is displayed in the workspace, the "show/hide PDF" button is not visible.

My research to date states that in order to make the "show/hide PDF" button appear, I need to set the "Guide PDF" property to true within the renderFormGuide properties. Unfortunately, nothing I've read so far tells me where or how to actually set these properties. I'm thinking that the answer is probably something relatively simple, but why isn't it written anywhere???

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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That property is part of the form server api. When you render through designer you do not have this option. In version 8.2 you can click the generate PDF checkbox on the guide preview screen. this was added to 8.2 and is not present in earlier versions.


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When you render a form guide, you define and XFAForm variable, and you specify an orchestration to use to render the form guide. By default, this orchestration is supplied as one of the orchestrations in the Process category, called "Default Render Form Guide". (I'm going from memory here, hope I've gotten it right.)

What you need to do is open that orchestration, where you will find a renderFormGuide step - click on that step, and locate the Guide PDF property - set it true.

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