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Hit by the famous "Failure to start JBOSS Service During Conf Management. Error[ALC-LCM-999-032]"


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Hi Everyone,

I m really frustrated with this issue. I am trying to install Adobe LiveCycle ES Update 1 trial version JBOSS turnkey option.

It does not work!!

The installation goes smoothly. But when I launch the config manager, there is no way I get passed the "Error[ALC-LCM-999-032], with a Failed on 'Starting service JBoss For Adobe LiveCycle ES'. Service startup failed for: JBoss for Adobe LivecycelES."

I tried pretty much anything I could find out there as potential solution to the problem. I even tried it in a brand new machine whit pretty much nothing in it: so no possible port conflict (by the way I tried starting jboss directly from the cmd line under Adobe 8.2 dir and it starts fine. i.e: Only the service is busted!!!), tried changing the local policy right and Allow Logon as a service, tried changing the account the service is running under, to no avail.

I tried installing it in machines with Win XP, SP2, JavaSDK1.5_017

Also, tried installing it in machines with Win Server03 SP2 Standard Edition x64. Same JDK. Same thing.

I have tried several machines w/ the same result

I am obviously missing something !

I personally dont care about the windows service. If there is a way to do the config manually, I m more than happy to take that route, as long as I am told what to do. THANKS>

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I was able to solve this issue. I put this in another thread also as I treid for hours to get this to work and no one had good explanation on forums.

I had same problem on Windows XP (32 Bit). I was installing LiveCycle ES on my desktop to do some solution evaluations. I could start the JBOSS server successfully if I did that by myself, but Adobe Configuration Manager and Java Service were failing.

The issue was the JDK I had assigned to use.

To resolve:

1. Make sure you have compliant JDK Version. To get mine to work I had to install JDK Version jdk1.5.0_17.

2. Switch the JDK that the JBOSS Java Service is pointing to. To do this, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the service.

2.A Go to your installation folder (C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\jboss) and copy the file "InstallJBossService.bat" and rename it "UnInstallJBossService.bat".

2.B Change the command line to execute an uninstall by the following: "%LC8DIR%/jboss/JBossService.exe" -uninstall.

2.C Change your OS Environment Variable for JAVA_HOME to the correct JDK, for example "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.5.0_17".

3. Rerun the Adobe Configuration Manager C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\configurationManager\bin\ConfigurationManager.bat

It should complete successfully now IF your issue was the wrong JDK like I had.

Also make sure that the Java Service has Permission to run. Check your control panel -> adimistrative tools -> Service. It will be called "JBoss for Adobe LiveCycle". Make sure it has permission to run as local user is what I did.

There are some other posts about issues similar to this using wrong JDK or 64Bit Windows or other.


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Could you be more specificfo below I am installing LC in windows vista home premium 64 bit

Go to your installation folder (C:\Adobe\LiveCycle8.2\jboss) and copy the file "InstallJBossService.bat" and rename it "UnInstallJBossService.bat".

2.B Change the command line to execute an uninstall by the following: "%LC8DIR%/jboss/JBossService.exe" -uninstall.

I am unable to perform the 2B step


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I tried to install LC ES 8.2 on Windows Vista 64-bit Got the same error.

I also tried on VMware with Windows XP SP2 32-bit SCSI Harddrive it hung for few hours.

I found some intresting material @


My understanding from the above link is

Windows 2003 Server SP1 is suggested for LC ES 8.2.1

I will try to install on Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and let you know.