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Hiding multipe instances of a subform


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Hi there,

Scenario: The user clicks 'Another Address' button to create previous address subforms of which there can be up to ten. When the user navigates to another part of the form the previous address subforms should hide. As I expected, the following script only hides one of the instances:

form1.pg1.sPrevAddress.presence = "hidden";

I tried:

for (int i = 0; i < sPrevAddress.count; i++)


form1.pg1.sPrevAddress[i].presence = "hidden";


but this didn't work.

I would be greatful for some guidance.


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Each subform gets an instance number. You can address each individual subform by using form1.pg1.sPrevAddress[instancenumber].presence

To get the number of subforms you can use the form1.pg1.sprevAddress.instanceManager.count
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