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Help with Database Connected LiveCycle ES4 form


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Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this question, I hope you can help!

I have a LiveCycle ES 4 form connected to an excel database.  The form has buttons to "Add", "Update" or "Find" a record.  These buttons all work correctly EXCEPT when the server drive that has the Excel file is not available.  In this case I wanted to add code the "Add" button informing the user that there is an error.  I tried adding a try/catch block before the SQL statement that inserts a record into excel but even when I purposely make the Excel file unavailable the try/catch block doesn't seem to work.  The javascript console will show an error but try/catch doesn't seem to trigger.  If I had a javascript syntax error within the try/catch block, it works as expected, but with the database connected form, it appears the try/catch block does not trigger based on errors generated as a result of the database file having an issue.  In this case, the console just shows a "GeneralError: Operation failed." message.  Why doesn't the try/catch block trigger since there is an error as stated on the console?  Is there a work around?  Thanks again for your help!!

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I dont have a answer for you but want to do exactly what you are doing. Can you tell me the code to Add the record and your settings for the ODBC connection to excel?