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Headers in Dropdown lists? (Non-selectable items)


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Does any one know how to make headers in dropdown lists? I have 2 groups of items I want to add a header for each in the dropdown list. The headers just have to be non selectable.

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I do not believe that we support that feature.


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Is there a way to change the background color of certain items so it looks visually different? or make the font color?



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Hi Kris,

In Designer 7.1, I created a DropDown List which includes Headers and sub categories under these headers, where the Headers are not selectable. When I built my DropDownList I then assigned Values to each item in the list, which I've put in brackets for you:


Item A (1)

Item B (2)

Item C (3)


Item X (4)

Item Y (5)

Item Z (6)

This is the JavaScript I wrote on the Exit event:

if (DropDownList.rawValue > 10) {

DropDownList.rawValue = "";


Hopes this works for you.


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Hi Helen,

I see what you mean. You made no action to them right? Do you know of a way to formath them differently? bold the header, change the background color, etc.?

Thank you,


Former Community Member
Hi Kris, correct, there is no action on the Headers with a value of 10 or higher. I've tried a number of things, but it appears you cannot format them (bold, color, etc.). That is why I put my Headers in all caps, and then under the list I added a couple of spaces before each item to make it appear as a list. I even used dashes in front of the items (- Row A, - Row B, etc.) and then on a change event had in change to Row A, Row B, etc.